Clos de la Torre once again receives one of the most sought-after awards in the TerraOlivo 2015 cont


The extra-virgin Clos de la Torre olive oil, produced by Oleícola de l’Empordà, located in Rabós d’Empordà (Alt Empordà) has just received a gold medal, one of the most sought-after awards in the international TerraOlivo 2015 contest, held in Jerusalem (Israel). For the fifth year in a row, the company still ranks among the best in the world.

Extra-virgin Clos de la Torre olive oil is a very high-category product. It received the Gold medal at the TerraOlivo Conference, held this month in Jerusalem with more than 400 manufacturers coming from all four corners of the globe in attendance.

As we have said on other occasions, this international contest’s objectives include rewarding the best extra-virgin olive oils in the world, promoting the nutritional benefits of consuming them, disseminating the advantages of an adequate Mediterranean diet and presenting all of these award-winning oils to potential importers on international markets, as well as to the media.

The manager of the Empordà firm, Martí Clos, stated that "it is very difficult to keep the bar so high, year after year. And yet, we have managed to do so, and this is huge encouragement to continue working, moving forward on the path we have outlined.”