Clos de la Torre extra virgen olive oil is awarded again at the TerraOlivo competition


Clos de la Torre extra virgen olive oil, produced by Oleícola de l’Empordà, located in Rabós d’Empordà (l’Alt Empordà), has once again earned the Prestige Gold, one of the highest awards at the TerraOlivo 2016 international competition, in Jerusalem (Israel), maintaining its status among the best oils in the world for the sixth consecutive year.

This high-end oil, fruity and well-balanced, won this award in the TerraOlivo Meeting, held from 6 to 9 June, with more than 400 participating producers coming from around the world. This distinction was given by a jury formed by judges from Israel and other countries such as Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy, made up of three tasting panels that sampled the extra virgen olive oil presented.

This award is added to those already received in other countries such as Italy, Argentina or the United States.

Martí Clos, manager of the empordanesa business, said that “these awards have a double purpose, on one hand increasingly introducing us to more international markets and, on the other, encouraging us to continue doing a good job”.