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Martí Clos is the owner of the El Clos de la Torre farm, located in the area of ​​the “Torre de la Mala Vecina”, which is operated directly by himself, a good connoisseur of the world of olive groves and oil, as well as the surroundings. commercial, and a team of highly qualified people with scrupulous corporate commitment.

The bad name of this place Torre de la Mala Vecina comes from the watchtower destroyed during the War of Independence, and which currently enjoys the protection of a Cultural Asset of National Interest. Located at the top of a hill to the west of the Garriguella district, it gives its name to the farms in the area that surround it. Its name is due to an ancient legend that tells of a witch who lived and kidnapped children from the surrounding area.

The Empordà region is located in the northeastern corner of the province of Girona. It is a small plain located between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean and enjoys an extraordinary climate, tempered by the sea breeze and sheltered from the northern winds (Tramuntana) by the mountains. This makes it a privileged region for agriculture and particularly for the cultivation of olive trees, with a native variety called Argudell. With this uniqueness of the climate, the land, the varieties and the state of maturation, the aromas and flavors of our oils are achieved.

Cartel Clos de la torre
Finca clos de la torre

The farm, with the farmhouse and the land that forms it, was converted from cereal cultivation, proceeding to plant olive trees in its entirety, with a proportion of varieties chosen to give rise to these unique oils.

From this careful cultivation of the olive trees, excellent fruits are obtained that, collected at their optimal moment of ripeness, with a harvester developed by the same company, and processed immediately after harvesting, make possible the best level of aroma and flavor results. , taking care of its careful preparation at low temperature.

The relationship of the Martí Clos family with Extra Virgin Olive Oil dates back to 1700, since for several generations they have owned an oil mill in Rabós de Empordà which was renovated on several occasions over time, introducing electrical machinery at the beginning. of the 20th century and then the hydraulic presses that it lacked previously. Martí Clos's project was to create a differentiated product and enter the markets with its own product and brand. This led him to think that the possibilities of opening markets led him towards oil. The oil would allow you to make high-quality, high-end products.

The product that is marketed is the result of a blend of oils from the different varieties found on the farm, and is always carried out through a detailed prior study.

Although the extraction would be more complete if it were worked at a higher temperature, the oils from the Clos de la Torre olives are extracted at a low temperature, so the yield is lower but its quality is much higher.

El producto que se comercializa es fruto del coupage de los aceites procedentes de las diferentes variedades que se encuentran en la finca, y se realiza siempre mediante un detallado estudio previo.

Aunque la extracción sería más completa si se trabajara a mayor temperatura, los aceites de las aceitunas de Clos de la Torre se extraen a baja temperatura, con lo que el rendimiento es menor pero su calidad es muy superior.


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