Clos de la Torre

Passion for excellence

Our olive oil is sourced exclusively from the trees of one of the oldest producers in Empordà.

The Clos family, with their accumulated know-how and experience, and the centennial olive trees, coexist in a intelligent way in a modern plantation with diverse varieties imported from other sites.

The extra virgin olive oil Clos de la Torre is produced exclusively from the olives harvested in the family’s fields. Clos de la Torre is a unique olive oil, fruity and well balanced, benefiting from rigorous selection and maturation processes which conserve a wealth of flavour and aroma.

The varieties chosen to elaborate Clos de la Torre are: argudell, picual and frantoio.

From the picual olive, which originates in Andalucía, Clos de la Torre gets its great body; from the argudell olive, and autochthon variety from Empordà, it gets its unique character; and the frantoio type, which comes from Tuscany, confers it with great quality and freshness.