Clos de la Torre

Passion for excellence


Our oil comes only from one of the families with the greatest olive-growing tradition in the Empordà, from whom we have inherited their good work.

The baggage and experience accumulated over so many years, exemplified by the centuries-old olive trees, are wisely combined in a modern plantation of various varieties of olive trees, imported from other places.

Clos de la Torre extra virgin olive oil is a unique, fruity and balanced oil, made exclusively with olives produced on the estate itself, rigorously selected at their optimal point of ripeness, thus preserving the greatest richness of aromas and flavors.

The varieties that we have chosen to make Clos de la Torre extra virgin olive oil are Argudell, Picual and Frantoio which, grown in this part of the Empordà, produce fruits with magical aromas.

From the picual olive, of Andalusian origin, it acquires a great body. From the Argudell olive, a native variety of the Empordà, a fruity character and from the Frantoio variety, from Italian Tuscany, great quality and freshness.